Care Guide & Repairs


Wearing & cleaning

Our jewellery is made of silver 925 and brass, and can be slightly malleable due to its nature. Do take extra care when putting on, taking off and storing them as they can bend/go out of shape when too much force is applied.

Always apply any creams, lotions, perfume and sprays before putting on your jewellery. If your pieces come in contact with water or wet substances, dry them with a soft cloth.

Remove your pieces before showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping. Clean your pieces from time to time (recommended once every 2-3 weeks) with a mild soap solution (water mixed with a few drops of soap), dry immediately after with a dry cloth.

For screw-back studs, take extra care when twisting them on/off. Plastic backings are provided for those who prefer a more snugged fit. Do not use other metal backings with the studs, as this may bend and damage the bar.

Tarnishing & discolouration

Silver naturally oxidises over time. This greenish-grey hue, a chemical reaction, can be removed with mild soap mixture, alcohol swabs or a metal polish and a polishing cloth. Simply use mild soapy water to clean off any debris, and dry with a polishing cloth.

To delay oxidation, keep your GENNUU jewellery away from moisture, shower steam, and other water activities. Store them in plastic ziplocks when not in use.

Storage & organisation

When you’re not wearing your jewellery, store it individually in plastic ziplock bags (given when you first make your purchase with us).

It is best to store each piece separate from each other when not in use, to avoid abrasion contact and tarnishing. 


If you find your item to be faulty or defective after the holding period, GENNUU offers a complimentary repair service. You will only need to pay for the tracked shipping fees for your items.

However, please note that this service will depend on the extent and type of damage, and whether the repair is accepted will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to process all repairs and return the item in a satisfactory condition.

To request for our repair service, please submit a request here or email us at with the following details:

SUBJECT: Request for Repair
Invoice purchase number
Name & contact details
Description of damaged/faulty item
Images and/or video references

We encourage you to send short videos of the item in order for us to properly assess its repairability. 

Once your request is approved, we will send further instructions on how to make payment for the tracked shipping of your items and return instructions.

Repairs can take anytime between 7-21 days (excluding the shipping time), depending on the extent of damage. Please note that we are unable to accept repairs for tarnishing and discolouration. To avoid this, do view our care instructions above on how to care for your jewellery pieces.