Our Story

GENNUU was founded in 2022 by Singaporean designer and creative, Chantelle.  From a young age, Chantelle’s interest in fashion was apparent in her choice of clothing and accessories.  Throughout her school years, she designed costumes for her dance club, and took extracurricular lessons in both fashion and jewellery design as a hobby.

After working for some time in the public relations industry, she left her job to pursue a diploma in Arts and Design in Madrid, Spain, where she spent a year and a half there. Following that, she went onto pursue a Masters in product design in London for another year, where she picked up her technical design skills. During this period, she travelled across Europe and the UK for both studies and leisure, purchasing quirky and inspiring jewellery from local brands that added onto her consistently growing collection.

However as she grew older, with the aim to reduce impulse buys and have better control over her fashion choices, she struggled to keep track of the number of jewellery items she had. She constantly had to spring clean her accessories - ridding out-of-season, defective and rusty jewellery.

Like many, she also realised with the large number of jewellery she owned, she would only consistently re-wear just a small fraction of them. 

Chantelle saw this as an opportunity to bring her vision to the market. She wanted to reduce the number of pieces people needed to purchase, while retaining and even increasing the number of styles people could wear from those pieces. Hence, GENNUU was born as a brand that emphasises on a core collection of essential pieces, with add-ons that are mixable, stackable and can be used in more than one way.

Together with its goal to incorporate genuine and generational design, GENNUU is a brand that celebrates self-expression, individualism and community — all while retaining its stylish and functional aspects.

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