About us

You don't need a thousand pieces to feel stylish — just a great collection of a few.


We design jewellery that are stylish, affordable and of quality, made for those looking to accessorise with fluid pieces that allow you to freely express your personality.


GENNUU was created with the intention to provide alternative, affordable and quality jewellery made for self-expression.

At our core, we have 2 main values that make up the GENNUU identity.

Genuine — We are 100% genuine in what we design and curate, taking into detailed consideration on what works best in both function and style for you.

Generational — We value openness as much as we value style, and hope to build a community of fashionable go-getters willing to share and live experiences that surpass generations.

We aim for our designs aim to be inclusive and non-conforming. We respect and encourage self-expression and individualism, which also serves as inspiration for our brand and designs. You are the U in GENNUU, and we want GENNUU to be a brand that is made for you.

You will never go wrong with these pieces in your collection.


We care about what you already own. Thus at GENNUU, we provided an option for you to purchase singular pieces to mix and match, and so you don't repeat what you already have.

GENNUU jewellery emphasises on a colour palette of gold, silver and a mix of both that allow you to pair them with any item in your wardrobe. 


Like you, we felt the need to regain organisation over our collections.

We came up with GENNUU Signatures that make up the core collection — essentials that you can own and ensure they match every item in your wardrobe.

Our pieces come in forms that are reliable and neutral — simply match our charms with the current necklace chain you own, or match our earrings with your favourite pair of everyday studs. 

GENNUU pieces encourage you to mix, match, stack and layer them in a multitude of ways. You can organise the number of pieces you own, while achieving an infinite number of styles.


GENNUU jewellery maintains a specific set of technicalities across all its designs.

All studs are at least 6-8 mm in length to fit both standard earholes as well as piercings, and come with our signature cylindrical screw-back to ensure they can be securely fastened. 

For those who prefer a more snugged fit, additional plastic backings are provided to use with our studs — these plastic backings allow you to adjust the bar length to your comfort level, while retaining the screw-back function.

All necklace chains come with a minimum adjustable length to cater to different lengths and styles.


Our Style Guides show you how you can stack, layer and play around with your GENNUU pieces to create your own personal vibe. Read our style guides in editorials here, and follow us on our socials to get updates on our styling tips!