Say hello to, Luna

Say hello to, Luna

Luna is the first necklace we introduced into our GENNUU Signatures collection. We paid special attention to Luna, and fell in love throughout the process.

They embody the form of the full moon, imprinted with our signature logo at its core. Don’t let its simple form fool you, they bear a weight (25.5 grams to be exact) that gives just the right amount of pressure worn over your heart.

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Its mirrored appearance shines through, reflecting light at any angle - giving you just enough glow to your dreamy aesthetic.

Explore Luna today, and we hope you fall in love with them like we did.

Chain lengths:
28.2cm (longest) — falls to your septum level
25.75cm (mid length) — slightly below the collarbone
23.25cm (shortest) — collarbone

Weight of ball: 25.5g
Reflective mirrored surface


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