Double trouble — pieces that double in style & function!

Double trouble — pieces that double in style & function!

Our latest drop brings you pieces that add a ton of shine to any outfit. But did we mention that some of them are dual function and stackable too?

Our Bon cuffs are some of the most comfortable ear cuffs out there. They hang snugly in the nooks of your ear lobes, and are perfect for dressing up any outfit. Prefer some rings? Stack these cuffs as rings for an extra hardware look — they are bound to catch any eye. 

Bon cuff
20mm x 3mm(thickness)
Cuff gap: 5mm
Worn as ring fits size 8 (15-15.3mm).

Available in gold and silver.

If you haven’t seen our necklace chains yet, definitely check them out. The Dacol necklace chain and Saturn necklace chain come in a beautiful matte finish, with an easy threaded style to adjust to all lengths.

Learn how to style them together! This pair of chains can be worn separate, stacked, or threaded together to form a whole new body chain — adding that extra sparkle to your chic black outfits and festive fits.

Dacol necklace chain
Full length: 83.5cm | Adjustable chain length.

Saturn necklace chain
Full length: 79 cm | Adjustable chain length.

Watch the video below to learn how to combine them to form a body chain!

Shop them here today!

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